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Grue - the XML Boosted Chess Database


Grue is an open source chess database in developement and it is licensed under GNU General Public License i.e. anyone can modify and redistribute it. While Grue is being developed on Debian GNU/Linux system though it should work on any platform which supports Java2 1.4.0 or newer.


Hardware requirements

Java programs tend to be memory intensive and there are the extra layers of JVM and Swing so if a light program is needed Grue is hardly the right choice.

screenshot A screenshot with a beginning of Bk-Reshevsky, Kemeri 1937 - the first game where 6. Ng5 was played. There's also much older screenshot with the Motif Look & Feel.


I used to be a NicBase 3.0 user in the DOS world but around 1990 I got fascinated by the power of unix at the University of Helsinki and by 1996 I had no more either DOS or Windows on my computers and therefore I had no way to use a chess database.

I toyed with the idea of writing my own. I wrote some code with C and GTK+, Perl/Tk and Perl/Gnome. I never got much done with C, Perl/Tk was too slow and I got frustrated with Perl/Gnome which did not have much documentation or good examples.

However, in early 2001 I decided to learn Java because of professional reasons. There was Java all around me and all I knew was how to write a "hello, world". So my chess database rose from deep freeze as I started to re-implement it with Java2 and Swing. At the moment, 2003-06-23, I have written everything thrice and I feel I can publish the developement version soon. However, that does not mean the program is really usable yet nor that I'm particularly happy with all of the code.


The only part of the code that is ready enough to be published from the "Latest Files Relaeses" section of pages is the chess opening classification library. This is pretty stable and seldom changed but the other code should be got from the CVS.

The following CVS projects are needed:


This software is not end user ready and Java Software Developement Kit from Sun Microsystems is required. You will also need tools like ant. I develop Grue with eclipse which automates many things but build.xml files should work, too, if your environment is correct. Logo